frequently asked questions

What will I get as a finished product?

The happy couple receive the wedding DVD in a beautiful package, to be kept and cherished and two other DVD Discs in a white cases if desired. Other copies can be requested or alternatively we can simply upload it onto the Internet in Full-HD to send friends and relatives, you can even share it on your Facebook page.

How will we know if we’ll like the final video or not?

We upload your video onto a private link that only you can see for you to approve. You can make any amendments you like such has choosing your desired music and making sure we only captured your good side.

What are your terms for deposits and refunds?

We ask for a £100 deposit to confirm the booking of your wedding date. If a booking is cancelled, provided we are able to secure another booking for that date, your deposit will be returned less a £35 deduction for administrative costs.

How soon after the wedding will I get my finished DVD?

We can get something ready within 6 weeks. Normally a rough version is available to see when the couple return home from the honeymoon. Then the couple can make editorial changes and confirm their favourite music tracks before sharing it with the rest of family.

Can I share my video online?

We can upload your wedding video onto streaming websites such as YouTube or Vimeo for you to share on your Facebook page. We can make the video private or public at anytime. We can show you how to download your HD Video straight to your computer, tablet or mobile device too.

Can I include photo’s in our video?

Sure no problem, all we need are high quality JPEG’s, just clear it with your wedding photographer first, they are normally cool with it though.

Uncle Bob has taken some belting footage on his iPhone, can we include it in our video?

I’m sure we can fit it in somewhere… just ask him to send the video file to us.

What areas do you cover?

Based in North West England, our standard package covers travel in a radius of 50 miles from Rossendale, Lancashire. Further distances may involve additional transport costs at 30p per mile plus the cost of typical Travelodge-type overnight accommodation if necessary, discussed and agreed in advance. Weddings abroad can be covered subject to travel and accommodation costs – please enquire for further details.

What if I want additional copies of the finished DVD?

Boxed and personalised presentation cases like your main video cost £30. Additional copies in white cases cost just £15 or DVD’s in plastic wallets are just £5 plus postage and packaging. We are happy to throw in extra copies if arranged before-hand though. We keep a growing archive of all our videos, so if you need a new copy, even in a few years time, we will probably still have it.

Will the wedding video DVD play outside the UK?

Yes, there are no playback restrictions on our DVDs – they should work on all popular players worldwide. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are usually able to troubleshoot.

What if I need a VHS tape to give to someone who does not have a DVD player?

We can provide a VHS copy at a cost of £25 per tape.

If you require anymore information about our services please use our Contact Us Page