City Bride gets Shirty!

Something Blue?

Manchester City fan Karen Bell stunned her equally fanatical husband-to-be Simon by walking down the aisle on their wedding day in a dress made out of old City shirts.

The creative 38-year-old made the dress herself out of Simon’s collection of shirts to ensure she had a unique “something blue” for her big day.

What’s more, rather than popping off to a tropical paradise after the wedding, the pair went straight to the Etihad stadium after the ceremony to watch their heroes beat Stoke City 3-0.

“It was the day of a match so Simon said I would have to turn up in a City shirt. That set me off thinking and I decided to do this,” Karen told the Manchester Evening News.

“We wanted to do something different because we have both been married before.

 ”It was a labour of love. I was at the sewing machine six nights a week.”

At the match, Karen admitted that both she and her 49-year-old husband were treated like royalty by fellow fans impressed by their fanaticism.

“Everyone was stopping us to take pictures on the way in. We thought about going corporate but we have had season cards for years and we know everyone around us so we just went in our normal seats.

“It was brilliant — everyone kept buying us drinks.”

Simon admitted he was stunned when he saw what his new wife had done.

“I was amazed when I saw her. The shirts were in a suitcase in the loft and I sacrificed them as a demonstration of my commitment.

“We didn’t tell any of our friends and when we met them before the match in the Summerbee bar they couldn’t believe it.

Lifted from World of Sport – Yahoo

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