Bride gets Kidney for Wedding Pressie!

The Perfect Wedding Gift

How about including this on your wedding list! A newly married woman from Yorkshire suffering from kidney failure has her husband’s best man to thank for what could be construed as the perfect wedding gift.

Leanne Stefanovic successfully received a kidney transplant from former best man Stuart Kilgannon in a hospital in Leeds.

After spending nine hours a day on dialysis, the transplant will provide the 31-year-old bride major relief from the illness she’s struggled with for most of her life.

The 39-year-old former best man at the pair’s wedding was the only match found when family and friends were tested as potential donors, notes the Mirror.

“I can’t express in words what he has done for us. How can you repay someone for doing that for your wife? He is my hero,” husband Shaun Stefanovic told the paper.

According to the Hull Daily Mail, Leanne will need to take anti-rejection drugs indefinitely, but will no longer need dialysis.

After her two week stay in hospital, she plans to start a family and a career in law after graduating from Hull University last July.

People in need of organ donor matches tend to look for family members, though recently some people have been turning to Facebook to find organ donor matches, according to the Associated Press.

And earlier this month, a nurse donated her kidney to Clay Taber, a 23-year-old ailing patient she was caring for in Atlanta, Georgia

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