Not So “Blushing Brides”

Outfit by Kaviar Gauche

The revealing wedding outfit was shown by fashion brand Kaviar Gauche at Berlin fashion week yesterday. And judging by its risqué nature, this is one wedding outfit bound for a beach ceremony – or more likely, confined to the privacy of the wedding night.

The revealing garment looks to be made up of a few diminutive sections of fabric joined together with a central strip. The ensemble slips over a barely-there thong bikini brief, and the whole outfit is shrouded in a diaphanous veil.

The German designers behind the dress, Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl, have been putting on headline-grabbing shows since founding label Kaviar Gauche in 2003, making waves in previous seasons for similar stunts. Never either conservative or traditional, they are known as the mavericks of the bridal design world.

To brand followers then, this latest show will come as no surprise. But will the look catch on among modern brides? The stars of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, perhaps.

Lifted from The Daily Mail

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