When Two Become Onesie

Snubbing a big white frilly dress, Kelly Scott decided to go with something a little more modern – she wore a onesie. She and new husband Stuart decided to shun the traditional big white dress and morning suit when they married at Gretna Green.

And the bride wore… a onesie! The newlyweds decided to make their special day more personal by marrying in their favourite fleece outfits
The couple, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, believe they may be the only couple to have ever wed in onesies – the fleecy all-in-one loved by celebrities and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.
Kelly, a 30-year-old account manager for an energy company, said: ‘Our favourite time of the day is when we are snuggled up watching TV in our onesies after the kids have gone to bed.

‘Nowadays getting married costs thousands and we couldn’t afford a traditional wedding.

‘We felt sad about the thought of having a cheap wedding so we said “why not have a me and you wedding instead”?’


Keeping the chill out! The wedding party all sported the rompers to celebrate the couple’s nuptials in Gretna Green

The bride cut down costs by wearing comfy slipper boots with her onesie and the groom wore trainers.







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